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About Sowing Oates, Inc.

Sowing Oates, Inc. is the umbrella company sheltering several family businesses now local to Cornish, Limerick and Waterboro, ME with outreach far and wide beyond. The companies sponsored per Sowing Oates, Inc. include: COREYOgraffi Visual Artistry and Sowing Oates Ink Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery, SAO Photography and SAOspeaksvolumes Writing and Copy Editing as well as non-profit endorsement and support for The Umbrella Project ATL/EAST COAST.

As husband and wife, Corey and Shelby Oates plan to paint the world, to build community and to share personal artistry in hopes of inspiring collective artistry. COREYOgraffi as visual artist, curator, illustrator, painter, muralist and tattooist; SAO as photographer, curator, copy editor, writer and manager– share their family of art, artists and art advocacy with their studio location just off Main St. in Cornish.

Contact or call today to schedule your next tattoo, your illustration needs, your mural concepts with COREYOgraffi or to book your upcoming portrait photo shoot, event photography, social media stock footage package and/or copy writing/editing needs per SAO. Hit us up with community minded and creative showcases and exhibits for our gallery event space. Simply connect with your community with that art life in mind and schedule your appointment to join us as we are perpetually Sowing Oates.

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